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I'm Leaving DEV. Here's Why.

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After reading all the responses I’m going to rollback my decision to leave DEV. My goal with blogging is to make my content available to as many people as possible. DEV provides a community & RSS feed and that’s more important than an email list.

So, I’ll continue to cross post!


I began my DEV journey in December of 2018. DEV provided a safe community where I could share my blogs and connect with like-minded developers.

I have long-enjoyed the platform and appreciate how responsive the moderators are as it pertains to Code of Conduct violations.

DEV helped me get my blogging career off the ground. At the time of this post I have 14,756 followers of DEV. But I finally feel that it's time to commit to my own personal blog. I will be removing my blogs from DEV and Medium.

There was no drama or conflict with this decision; it's simply a goal of mine to have all of my blogs under my own namespace and today I'm making that leap of faith.

I'm currently in the midst of migrating all of my blogs from DEV/Medium to my personal blogging site Compiled and once the migration is complete I will archive my accounts.

I want to say a huge thanks to the DEV team for providing me with the opportuntity to build my platform but it's time to spread my wings and build my own platform.

You're welcome to join my mailing list and receive updates when I post new blogs on Compiled.

Thank you all for the love and support.

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Totally understandable, sometimes great entrepreneurs need to make moves like this, and you're definitely a great entrepreneur.

...However, can we persuade you in building on forem? I know you're well on your way in building out Compiled, but I think it might be pretty ideal for your needs.


Ben, I really appreciate your way of responding to this. You're one of the coolest people I have ever seen on the internet. I am also glad that Emma made decided to continue cross-posting and the community changed her mind. Great.


I have my own personal blog but I appreciate that Dev allows me to set it as the canonical URL (and even ingest it via RSS) whenever I want to cross-post. I do think it's important to own your content, which is why I don't post on Medium. Good luck!


I don't know who you are but I noticed the title and thought I'd share my initial response.

Community, especially one that is provided free of charge (like here) is easy to overlook. For example: I "follow" lots of people because that makes my Dev.to experience better but if one of them does something similar I'd wish them well and (probably) immediately forget they ever existed.

Honestly, I'd probably assume they were full of themselves unless they had a really good reason .. like they got picked up by a "major publisher" and "not publishing anywhere else" was part of the deal (which is a bad idea .. why would anyone want to limit their exposure on purpose when that exposure seems to be exactly what is desired?).


God speed Ms. B. All the best and I'm sure we'll all look forward to reading your posts on Compiled :D


I have my own blog, domain, server, webmentions and etc. in pikseladam.com. I share my content on my website and it will automatically shared to all social platform including micro.blog and dev.to. Also, dev.to supports canonical post so you are still owner of your content.

I support your decision to have your own data where you wanted, but you don't need to sacrifice good developer envrionments and social networks for it. Check out indieweb.org/ and dev.to/tcgumus/what-is-webmention-.... Good luck.


Have you considered creating an RSS feed so that when you post to your website, it can also be synced to dev.to? This way you'd get best of both worlds.


I guess that’s fair.

I do post both under my domain and here for the reach though. Personally, I don’t really need to have something be under my name as long as it’s useful, it’s okay.

Anyway, best of luck!


Probably an important step and the right time. I wish you the best with Compiled;!

As many advantages an own platform may have, I find one - in my opinion - bigger disadvantage is that you have to take care of SEO and everything around it yourself 😅


finally feel that it's time to commit to my own personal blog. I will be removing my blogs from DEV and Medium.

I don't see that these are in conflict - can I suggest leaving your posts here and using the canonical_url setting to direct them to your own blog?


I first read it as leaving the developer community as a whole. To become a gardener, or a zookeeper, or something else. I'm glad it's just moving to your own blog. I use the RSS sync feature of DEV to sync my blog to this place as well.


Well.. people now too tired to remember person specific blogs, its much easier scroll only one feed not billion of them. Wish you luck anyway!

PS Maybe it makes sense to change color of a navbar, for me it was too dark. Also font is really huge, but thats nice :D


It's sad to see such a prominent figure in the DEV community leave, but I still wish you the best!

It's never easy to take leaps of faith. I applaud your bravery. Here's to great success moving forward! 🥂 🥳


I joined DEV after reading about your journey and reading your posts. I am still building a following and really want to grow my own website so I can keep everything under my own space, and it completely makes sense to me why you considered moving off of these platforms.

I will say I think cross-posting is a good compromise between owning your content in a single place and being able to reach more readers (like me). That said, I will be sure to sign up for your email list on your site (which looks AMAZING by the way)!


I started dev around September last year, I've got now 15k followers and I will keep cross posting to dev. It helped grow my blog but I don't think that ditching it would increase the traffic on my blog. On the contrary, DEV is a very popular platform and I get a lot of exposition for being here , plus since I can set the canonical url to my blog, if people Google the topic of my article, it's my blog that comes up, not the article on DEV


You do not need to go in a binary way.

I just started to blog in DEV, going the opposite way you are going.

My personal blog will be the backup, and DEV will be my main blog.

I really love DEV <3

Have everything I need to express my ideas and removed every friction I had to write/publish.

Win-win for my case.

DEV <3


I cross post. Not that I write a heck of a lot. Glad I can still find you here. If there's an RSS feed for your blog, I'd add that to my reader.


All the best for Compiled Emma. I've always read most of your articles here and now I'm excited to join your new Compiled blog. 🎉 ☺


Good luck Emma <3 Wishing you luck on your new bloggin platform.


Good luck, Emma! I imported your RSS feed into Feedly – not too big a fan of mailing lists – so I shall carry on reading your content there. 👍🏽


You'll be missed here! :(


why not keep original content on your blog and repost here with canonical url setup?


I just want to say that you have been sharing great knowledge here and wish you continue to do so on your personal platform. All the best !!


Good luck Emma, I already added my address to receive your newsletter =)


Glad you decided to continue to cross post