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Hi Tomek! Nice post! We should be careful when using the term Design System to only describe the physical design assets and branding guidelines! A Design System is made up of the Design Language (design assets like Sketch Kit, AI Kit, etc. and branding guidelines such as accessibility, motion, etc.), Component Library (coded components usually in React, Vue, Angular, or another popular JS library/framework), and the style guide (which are the physical websites you've linked above that document the design language & component library).

We often see designers use the phrase "Design System" to describe the Design Language and developers use the phrase "Design System" to describe the Component Library & Style Guide, but it's really all of these things.

You can take a look at my slides if you would like to learn more :)


No worries though, I see this all the time and it's because Design Systems don't have a ton of information out in the world yet!

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