How I Gained 42,000 Twitter Followers In 8 Months

Emma Wedekind ✨ on February 26, 2019

This post is in no way meant to brag; it’s meant to provide insight into quick social media growth. In the last eight months, I’ve gained about 42... [Read Full]
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Pressure To Create

I love creating content, but recently I've been feeling pressure to push as much content out as I can. Yet as a result, the quality can suffer, as well as my mental health. Learning to prioritize is something I struggle with each and every day.

👆 this resonates with me. What are you doing to prioratise?

I find that I go through cycles of almost burnout, then I find something motavating again and off I go. It doesnt really sound sustainable now I'm looking at what I've typed 😬


I'll post a blog soon on prioritization & productivity :)


This is great advice! In the same situation and frankly very stressful. Hoping to just chill and get discipline back 🙈


You seemed to have gained followers by making a couple of tweets that got retweeted a fair bit.

I attribute this to my top tweet of the month getting liked or retweeted by someone with a following.

That's it, that's all, that's the step one, that most people never reach. You were lucky to get those first couple of retweets, because there are a lot of people out there posting the same kind of thing who get ignored. I've read hundreds of tweets about poor job interview experiences, asking questions about imposter syndrome or similar, from people who are popular and from people who aren't - to my mind, these are not things that are "[don't] seem to be talked about much." I think it depends on who you are following whether you see these things or not.

I think there is probably a snowball effect where people are more likely to see your stuff because other people see your stuff and and and... what I mean is, if you started from scratch and came out with exactly the same tweets in the same order, chances are that the result would be very different.

cough and I like the way you use "250" as the example of a low number of followers...


Yes. I agree that I got lucky. I never denied that. There's no need to be rude about it. I'm not sitting over here bragging about this. I get asked this question a lot. And unfortunately the majority of my growth was luck.


There's no need to be rude about it.

I'm not trying to be; please don't take it that way.


Wow, never knew this was how you got your following. I personally thought "LOL, she is cool" and that was all it took for me to follow.


Nice Tips Emma. And like you told me some time ago: before you gain attention from big companies, you need to contribute and have a good amount of social media appearances. Thanks for this article. doing my best :)


Extremely useful post, Emma. I have been trying to build my network over both Twitter and LinkedIn. And believe that the pointers mentioned by you are applicable to both or rather all social media platforms.

I have a question around that - how do you ensure you post content consistently? Do you build a content pipeline or do you post whatever you like/ have read on a particular day?


So by post consistently, I suppose I mean often. I never force myself to post on a schedule; it's just not realistic. But I'm active on Twitter every day and would guess I post blogs maybe one a week on average? But I'm not on a strict timeline.


Cool! Guess this makes posting/ commenting on Twitter an organic activity. That ways it does not feel like work and is just a part of your day. Sounds good. Will try that :)


"Interact With The Community"

Definitely true. I admit I'm guilty of spreading what could be perceived as negativity from time to time (maybe even to you by accident), but it's because I forget that people read things in a different way than they listen to them. Tone can't be parsed from written words (or I'm not a skilled enough writer to add tone), and sometimes when someone might seem negative or disagreeable, it's a different opinion that would be amicably expressed in person but sounds blunt in the comment section.

We all get detached from what we write online to "strangers". It's just the nature of it, and if you go to were 99% of comments are, you usually find no response. Think about a YT channel that has several million followers and how many comments are there. That means that a good portion of people leaving comments get caught in an echo chamber where no one responds no matter than tone or wording.

Best of luck, and glad to see your rise and how well documented you're keeping it!


This is so true! Often the things I post are taken in ways I didn't intend - and that's very difficult!


I would love to increase my twitter followers, currently only 18.

I am trying to be a more active poster (not that easy), any advice on tweet tags? Currently I have been trying to add a lot of (related) tags to possibly increase audience reach.


There's quite a lot of debate about the best way to use hashtags on Twitter - using lots of them may mean your tweets reach a bigger audience, but there are also quite a lot of 'purists' who don't like the use of lots of tags on every tweet, so it's a bit of a toss up. I personally only use hashtags when I'm participating in a Twitter chat or commenting on a topical event. (Twitter chats, by the way, are a very good way of increasing your following).


Posting consistently is the biggest challenge for me. Not even that I don't have much to talk about, it's just being consistent that's really hard. I'm always surprised by how people stay productive and tweet non stop. Thanks for this post!


Great breakdown. Thanks for sharing Emma 🙌🏻.

On the negativity part; I think the best way to deal with this is seeing it as an indicator that you're on the right path.

If other people are willing to spend THEIR time on writing something - be it positive or negative - and responding towards you, this is a win.

The marketing sector always said it out loud: negative attention still is attention.

I v/blogged about it in a post on

Although the indicator itself might be negative, the why of this happening and what it implies is positive.

Hope it helps ✌🏻


But remember whether you have 250 followers or 10,000, you should never sacrifice your mental health or values.



Modern twitter interfaces are such that the number of followers is not equal to the number of people who read you. There are ways to filter contents in lists, searches, etc. Think Tweetdeck. It is important to be aware of this (and I guess you are, but I'm just saying :)

Also, you talk about the negative aspects of social media growth but not about the positive ones. So, you have 30,000 people who clicked "follow", but what does that mean, practically speaking, for you. Does that bring you anything practically positive ?

Last on that one, even with 280 characters, Twitter is still extremely limited as a publishing platform. Unless one posts technical haikus, the N/S is extremely high, so the real questions are how to regularly (?) create contents that matters (an to whom) in 280 characters. What are the objectives (income ? fame ?) How do you measure whether you have reached your objectives ? Beyond the numbers, how do you measure the effects you have on the crowd ? And was all that worth it ?


I like the side effect of it, by your tweets I knew Coding Coach, and now I'm a mentor at Coding Coach, helping more people.

It's nice when we can see the whole picture :D


I never knew that there were devs out there purposefully trying to gain a following...interesting.


I was about to ask you this! Thanks for the amazing post!


Thanks Emma..! Your blog is interesting and generally useful for social media marketing. It will help us to get more social connection and engagement.


I'm new here and youre already an inspiration toe.. thanks for all you do maam


Emma, any updates on this? I’d love to hear more about May and June maybe? 😃


Hey Emma, don't pressure yourself :) your followers will still value you a lot, if you post less content. This post was very insightful :)

Keep up the good work 💪


Nice article! What tool are you using to get these tweet highlights?

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