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What is your favorite working chair for home usage?

emreloper profile image Emre Yilmaz twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

Hello, family. It's been a while I started to work from home because of the COVID-19 situation. It's not clear when it's gonna end either.

Anyway. I want to buy a new chair. Otherwise, I'm gonna murder my back. My current chair is pretty bad. Working from the couch is not the best.

I already did some research. Herman Miller is the best but it's like 1000+ Euros. Racer chairs look really cool. I'm confused about having a mesh, leather or fabric chair. I don't know if it really worths paying thousands or something 1/4th of the price is just good.

I'm curious about your experiences. I would like to hear your experiences, recommendations with different types and price ranges. It would be cool if can have discussion about the topic.

Stay safe!

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They also have customer images in their website 🙂 Like it. Thanks for sharing!


A year ago, I invested on this chair and it's totally awesome! Feeling confortable with that :)


It looks pretty neat. Has good comments on Amazon as well. Thanks for the advice. How does leather chairs feel? Especially sitting on it with shorts in the summer 😂

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