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EnableX Low Code Video Embed: Build Applications, Blazing Fast

In the era of dynamic business needs, businesses need to connect with customers faster and seamlessly. So, the demand for video meeting applications that can be developed and deployed rapidly has increased tremendously. So no wonder the low code bandwagon is on a roll., a fast-emerging CPaaS player, is among the early entrants in the low code CPaaS solutions market.

Think, build, and deploy a video meeting application in 5 minutes

We are excited to announce the launch of EnableX Low Code Video Embed platform that makes it possible for you to build a powerful video meeting application in minutes instead of months. Our target is to attract businesses and developers looking to develop and deploy high-quality video meeting applications quickly into their platform, device or application. With EnableX Video Embed, anybody can build a cloud-based, highly secure and stable video meeting application that can engage your audience with a seamless video meeting experience.

“The era of writing time-consuming UI stack and complicated backend coding is over. With EnableX low code Video Embed, anybody can build a robust, scalable and flexible video meeting application within 5 minutes. It’s a reality, not a dream anymore,” says Pankaj Gupta, CEO and Founder,

Video Embed advantages

Here are the following four advantages of EnableX Video Embed:

  • No UI Coding
    Stop spending time searching for UI libraries and writing thousands of lines of UI coding. Instead, just select from multiple pre-built UI layouts to handle video streams, resulting in increased go-to-market speed.

  • Advanced features
    Packed with power-packed features, EnableX Video Embed offers a vast range of options. From 1-to-1 to large-scale video calling to hosting up to 100 participants, live streaming, screen sharing, room lock, whiteboard, it offers everything to impart an impressive user experience.

  • Supported across any device, any browser
    Now you can easily embed Video Meetings into Android, iOS or web, which can be accessed by any browser.

  • Secure, scalable and flexible
    Apart from being HIPPA and GDPR compliant, EnableX Video Embed provides a highly secure video meeting solution. In addition, having a modular architecture provides a high degree of flexibility and control.

In a hyper-personalised digital era like the one we are living in, only developing new solutions is not sufficient anymore—they should be developed fast. EnableX Video Embed allows even a non-technical person to rapidly and easily assemble video meeting right into the business workflow.

“Nowadays, businesses are fully aware of the importance of video communication in business growth, but they hesitate to invest in building expensive video communication infrastructure. We have developed EnableX Video Embed to solve this specific problem. Using Video Embed allows to launch your application without investing in extensive coding or building backend infrastructure,” says Pankaj Gupta.

Wrapping up

To retain the competitive edge, enterprises need to act with agility to communicate and serve customers quickly. That’s where the EnableX Low Code Video Embed platform can be a gamechanger. By shrinking the go-to-market cycle, it allows companies to save both time and money significantly. That said, a cloud-based, low-code platform like EnableX will encourage companies to channel their energy in specialised areas to stay ahead of the game.

The solution is available for trial. Sign up here

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