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Hey! My name is Hazel. 🙋🏻‍♀️

Before I jump into writing my posts about web dev, it's probably a good idea to introduce myself first.

I'm a Technical Project Manager based in Los Angeles, CA with a couple years of experience working as a Front-end Web Developer. As of this past August, I graduated from Flatiron's Software Engineering Bootcamp. I went back to school because I wanted to learn the backend side of things. Whenever I can, I like to volunteer my time--via Zoom--with Tech Scholars to mentor high-school girls interested in web dev.

On my free time, pre-pandemic, I enjoyed attending various music and/or art events. Nowadays, I'm usually cuddling with my child (cat), Daphne, on the couch and watching some show or movie on Netflix/Hulu/Disney+ with a large cup of coffee (or boba) in one hand.

After graduating from Flatiron, I took all of September to reset, recharge, and realign--that bootcamp was no joke, especially while you're working. But now, I'm feeling pretty damn good and ready to dive deeper into fullstack development.

My intention for this blog is to have a place where I can talk about things I've learned, trying to learn, or any of my "ah-ha!" moments. Hopefully, it could be of help to someone along the way, or even better, it could encourage someone to keep going with their coding journey.

I believe teaching a topic you're trying to be/feel more confident in is a sure way to engrain the information into your noggin, so that's exactly what I'm doing. If you ever see something that's not right in my posts, PLEASE CORRECT ME. I'm a visual learner, but I also learn from my mistakes. Haha.

See ya' around!


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