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Md. Abu Taher 👨‍💻 Author

Well, that's pretty much the tools.
But how do you handle the communication between these tools?

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Debashis Dip

The simplier version happens kind of like this.
The initial communication with the client about the project happens where the client and management team prefere, skype, email maybe in a face to face meeting. After bringing in a project a senior manager from client service opens a new project in taiga with the BTS and required information that a developer might need. After fixing up the team members for that project a few meeting happens between the developers and the manager to create a delivery plan. After that the lead developers for that project specific team gets the github repos that the team needs and tools around that with uniquely identifiable project code. Along side with a rocket chat room, different todo board for the required project (ex; back-end, android, ios )
As discussed earlier developers starts to create their task backlog and project itself and stars doing their own jobs. Cross team issues such as frontend to backend, Management to developers gets listed in taiga issue section with a brief description. Managers generates weekly update for the client via some internal and taiga specic tools.
Usually a developer might not even need to have a talk with the client as it's done by the client service team.

Note: At the beginning of the project the client, designers and the assigned manager work really closely through chats, phone calls or whatever necessary to fix up the project spec and the final design so that the developers can work with a almost final state of the specification.
I am marking this as almost because no matter what happens, a client might want to change a few things after the app finished developing.

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Md. Abu Taher 👨‍💻 Author

Wow, many things for sharing insights.