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Explain iOS development like I'm five

Legos but for grown ups πŸ’₯

Messy Event Flows: Part 2 - What it should be

But debugging RX can send you into back holes iv'e heard. T...

Messy Event Flows: Part 2 - What it should be

What about RX?

Tools that make me fast and productive

Trust being keyword here. More and more software is becomin...

Delegate with RxSwift

Keep em coming Khoa Pham :D

Decorators and Code Reuse

Nice one. Decorators are all the more relevant now that POP...

How to start a community.

Having a fresh idea and just hammering it until it other pe...

What is a "10x" Programmer?

@John Lehew. Spot on. Companies have to invest and nurture ...

Tools that make me fast and productive

Come back to Atom 😭. It has a new mindfulness feature now. ...

Tools that make me fast and productive

I love atom 😭

Describe your code with a song name


How I Accidentally Became a Developer

Awesome story man!

How I Hired Freelancers Who Went Way Over The Deadline

Isn't this pretty common in the contracting sphere? If you ...

Beginner's guide - Object Oriented Programming

I thought it was all about POP now 😭Good article ✌️

Properties in Swift: How to Avoid Shooting Yourself in the Foot

I store all my constants as static let in enum hierarchies....

Prototyping in playground

It takes a few hours to create an app with Animator and pla...

From Idea to 4M Page Views in 4 Weeks

Great story. Awesome that you posted it on Seems lik...

From Storyboards to Code in iOS

Thanks for the Github link 😻

New Computer, New Dev Environment

Emmet for Atom looks cool. big fan of Atom. I use TextExpan...

Hi, I'm Jake Ladebauche

Swift 😍 Are you on GitHub? 😻