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epilot insights : today with Aloisio

Hey people all over the world,

my name is Nathalie and I´m working as an HR Manager at epilot.

I´m happy to announce our first employee interview to give you some more insights in working at epilot.

So I had my first interview with Aloisio and I really appreciated it, we laughed a lot in between… watch out 👀

Hey Aloisio, pretty cool, that you´re the first epilot testimonial 🎉

What is your role at epilot and how does a typical day look like?

Alt Text

Hey Nathalie, cool to be here and happy to help starting that. To answer your question.
I´m a Senior Backend Engineer at epilot. This means I´m working mostly on the parts of our software that the people don´t see but gives it a functionality that makes it useful for the clients. And in our squad we make decisions what we want to use and how to use it.

A more or less typical day looks like: Starting as soon as possible, there is no strict time, then doing reviews - it helps me to organize my work to always journal at the end of a day.

To organize the tasks in the team we have daily meetings in a short and agile way, we stay focused 10 to 15 minutes what happened the past day and what will we work on the present day.
And to stay in contact with the epilot colleagues, there is enough time for this during the day in our coffee- and lunchbreaks, which I really appreciate to talk and interact with the colleagues, usally in the office but for now Slack & “Teams” helps.

How would you describe the culture at epilot?

We have a very mixed culture and it´s interesting being an engineer in our company, which is very tech focused and we´re using quite new technologies, e.g. we´re moving over to AWS and there´s a lot to learn and I really like it. Not everybody is at the same knowledge point and it´s cool that epilot offers a training to learn more. I see it as a challenge that epilot is a new company and we can learn together.
From the people side I can say: Huuuge thumbs up! I can chat with anyone and have good conversations also about off-topics, e.g. about raising chickens (laughing)… we have a lot of fun joking around and creating a very good atmosphere.

btw. Do you know that you can rent a chicken here in Germany? Thanks to Olli for sharing your experience.

… and another point I want to say is that epilot has it´s business, the software is used and you as an employee can do your business with epilot. That means you can talk about your contract and your wish and needs to develop and improve your skills. There is a lot of openness and transparency to talk about this professional topics.

Please tell me one funfact about epilot?

Well, oh yeah > we have an epilot-song, how amazing is this 👏

Thanks for your time and giving an insight to epilot, Aloisio 😊 Great to have you on board!


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