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re: I am writing software for 25 years, and I can build anything I want, but I will fail any logic interview test I am not prepared for. Last year som...

I agree, that is quite common. I do a lot of interviews as a contractor (and always refuse to do take home sample projects for similar reasons)

What particularly annoys me (when I have seen it from the other side of the fence) is they often don't even ask their current developers to do the same test in order to calibrate the answers they get. Sometimes they are just trying to show their managers how proficient they are compared with all these "terrible candidates who can't even answer this question, which is so basic I could do it in 10 minutes [because I wrote it]"

And managers are impressed - "we have a real team of experts here, it's so difficult to find candidates that are good enough!" - give me a break! 😂

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