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Discussion on: Have you ever worked with an engineer who never leveled up?

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Eric Donovan

Obviously I don't know about the specifics of the senior dev you're talking about, but sometimes junior and mid level developers can spend too much time sweating the unimportant stuff (when viewed from a senior developer perspective).

So for someone who is in the first few years of development (or someone who has OCD), coding is hard enough without also having to deal with brackets in weird places, inconsistent spacing and code like the sample you just posted. I get that, and I think it's something that senior devs should probably consider more.

The thing is, most senior devs will know that development wise that kind of stuff is never what kills a project, what kills a project is things like: sloppy architectures (or no architecture, or 3 architectures in the same app and no communication about which one should be followed), or a lack of tests (or too many pointless tests), or a team that hates each other, or team members competing over who is the smartest, or too much team churn so that the vision or expertise gets lost. All those things usually cause a build up of bugs which in turn slows the pace of new development to a crawl. Eventually the person who is paying for the project decides to re-write the whole thing from scratch or scrap the project entirely.

It is possible that the 10+ year developer you have encountered just doesn't care about the small stuff because they understand that the higher level code structure and its testability is much more important. When you provide endless nitpick code reviews, rather than argue and tell you it's barely worth the 5 seconds it would take to fix it - they just fix it, because they are also aware that arguments about pointless things among team members are a genuine serious risk to the success of a project.

Again - I'm only speaking generally, possibly your 10 year dev would just rather be on their boat or on a beach somewhere ;)