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Discussion on: Why Older People Struggle In Programming Jobs

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Eric Yancey Dauenhauer

I am not-young-not-old (31) and I personally think you article feels less like reasons that old people struggle in tech, and more an indictment of the industry's flaws as a whole. I think you correctly identify that a lot of these problems stem from young people's eagerness and excitement to prove themselves, but unfortunately that leads to a lot of toxic expectations for the rest of us. Maybe I'm just older than I think, but it seems like a work culture/expectations problem rather than an age problem.

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Agreed on all points. The underlying issues were always present - even when I was far younger. But the "issue" is that I'm now far less likely to just "put up" with them!

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Real AI

Its a industry that refuses to grow up. As you grow older you start to have enough of it. The same mistakes, the same attitude, nothing ever changes.
My solution was literally quitting the job and opening my own company.

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Yair Even Or

31 is a baby. You ARE young my friend, and at the beginning of your career.

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Melissa Heying • Edited

Thank you for this. I'm about to turn 29 and just spent 2020 changing my career from an Orthodontic Assistant to a Web Developer. I feel young! I'm eager to learn and do as much as I can.

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Harlin Seritt

I didn't get into this field until I was 32. As such, I tell people it's never too late to do what you love and be good at it.

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Chris Bongers

Hi Eric, I'm also 31 and I think in tech we are considered old, it is like you said because the young college grads love to take on anything it makes it toxic for everyone else.

What I've noted I used to work a lot of free-time for the company, at one stage got a serious relationship and decided to spend MY time rather on the relation.
Needless to say, the company was not amused when I told them I was working for free and never got compensation for these hours, nor did I receive the Porsche they promised me upon selling the company did they silence completely.

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Pippo Gregoretti

Wait to get to your fifties mate :) even listening to the sound of the wind becomes more important than an overtime commit.

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Chris Bongers

Wise words, can't wait to settle down and not have to feel bad about ridiculous things