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Discussion on: How to write a "programming" resume (or CV)?

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So, by displaying my projects, the interviewer (who views my portfolio) will be able to see what kind of projects I'm capable of doing?

(makes sense...)

Thank you!

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Xavier Dubois 🇫🇷

It says a little bit more than this.
I do a bit of recruitment myself, and when a solid portfolio is attached to the CV, it tells me that the applicant is motivated and that he's not only here because he saw some lights in, you know.

The downside is that your code must be clean. It's not a criteria, but I always go do some digging in random class of the projects, and if I don't like what I see I might ask you some related questions.

Also, on your portfolio, don't be stingy about context. Explain in a few words why you did it, and what the project is meant to do