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Discussion on: What I realised after learning Python, TypeScript and Kotlin

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Erik Lundevall Zara

Good start to explore different languages, I think that is something every developer should do! Even if you are not using different languages on a daily basis, expanding your knowledge in different languages will expand your toolkit and also make you think differently about how you solve problems. Different tools for different tasks. As you yourself note, knowing more programming languages will help solidify core concepts.

As others have commented, these specific languages (Javascript/Typescript, Kotlin, Python) are relatively closely related to each other. Difficulty in transition between them probably will more be around tools and frameworks and behaviour in specific areas, more than syntax.

I can recommend looking at the presentation Four languages from forty years ago for some examples of languages that have taken different approaches and also help with thinking about problems differently. It also shows that some features that are "new" in some of the more common languages today are in fact quite old things - for example, type inference that you can see in Kotlin and Typescript is something that already appeared in the 70s, in ML and that family of languages.