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Discussion on: The LGBT+ Community and The Rights to Work

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Erin Bensinger (she/her) • Edited

Excellent discussion topic! I'm so sorry to hear that you've personally experienced discrimination related to your ability and your gender and sexuality.

I'm a firm believer that diverse teams, especially in tech, create better products. If everyone in the room is coming from a similar perspective and a similar lived experience, there's no friction, and the product won't be as strong, robust, or broadly applicable as it could be.

As far as what more could be done to enforce equality in the workplace, I think that companies seeking to be inclusive need a strong, clear stance on LGBTQ+ acceptance and inclusion, and that stance needs to be enforced from the top down (as well as policy as to how discrimination will be handled and corrected). That stance could come to life in the forms of training, company policy, management-funded employee resource groups, or any number of other things that will integrate the importance of team diversity and inclusion into the company's structure. And it needs to have good follow-through! As a member of the community myself, these are measures that would make me feel safe and supported as an employee.

There's an upcoming conference from the Leadership Training Institute on this very topic that I'm really looking forward to!