Discussion on: Making a case for english codebase to my boss

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Erick Ruiz de Chavez

I've been doing software development since 2005 and at this point in my career is really hard for me to even think about writing code in Spanish (I am from Mexico, but been living in US for almost 10 years now).

My initial reaction would be to say yes, just do it in English; that being said, it also depends on how well your team knows English. Source code in well written Spanish is way better than source code written it a very bad English.

If you and your team are comfortable reading and writing in English, but still want to keep it flexible enough, you could go with a mix of source code in English, and comments in Spanish.

Whatever you choose (English, Spanish, Spanglish), just be consistent on your code. Consistency always wins.

Pro tip: if your code editor/IDE supports it, install/enable spell check, every time I see a typo on the source (or in a comment) I die a little bit.