Discussion on: How do you manage your reading list(s)?

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Erick Ruiz de Chavez

A long time ago I realized I am not going to be able to read all I want to read and do all I want to do, and when I accepted it it was very liberating (FOMO).

In my eyes, this is just a new type of hoarding, digital hoarding, and you can see it (maybe you even do it!) in people with hundreds of browser tabs, thousands of unread emails in their inbox, or hundreds or thousands of unread articles.

My online reading is as this: I only follow a handful of websites I enjoy reading and even those I do not read every single article they publish. I use an RSS reader for this (which by the way is configured to only show me the titles, no images, no excerpts) and every day whenever I have some 5 or 10 free minutes (🚽) I open the reader app, skim the titles and if something catches my attention I read it. Once I got to the bottom of the list, I mark everything as read and the reader will eventually clean everything (I only keep read articles in my device for 1 week).

I am also subscribed to a few newsletters which are configured in my email to be delivered to a specific folder so they do not clutter my inbox. This folder is also configured to delete everything older than 2 weeks, wether it is read or not. That way, I do not keep adding things to my reading list and only if I have some time over the weekend I will go read them.

As for Reading List, I use Safari's Read List feature, but most of the time if I do not read something "Interesting" when I see it, I know I won't read it later, so I delete everything on my Safari Reading list from time to time.