Discussion on: As a pure frontender, is Deno easier to learn then Node?

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Erick Ruiz de Chavez

Both Node and Deno are JavaScript based, so as far as you know JavaScript it should be basically the same.

Where things get complicated are in implementation details and API maturity. Node is pretty mature already (v14) with a well documented API and standard library, and a huge ecosystem. Deno, on the other hand is pretty new (v1) and although its API is stable now, the standard library is still evolving.

A common misconception is that Deno is going to replace Node, but we are far far away from that point, if that ever happens.

My suggestion: learn Node (not a library, nor a framework, learn the actual Node), get familiar with it and once you feel comfortable thinking in Node terms, start porting your demos and examples to Deno and see the differences.

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Nadia G. Author

Thank you a lot, your answer is very clear! I will follow your advice for sure :)