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Discussion on: Ninja vs. Rockstar vs. 10x Developer

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Erick Ruiz de Chavez

Personally, all of them are synonyms of one thing: a toxic person that only cares about themselves, doesn’t play nicely with teams, and creates a toxic environment around them.

Unless you are using them in a sarcastic way, my recommendation would be to avoid using those terms completely.

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Aaron Reese

I hate all 3 terms but I have seen definitions of a 10X programmer being one that makes the team/project/organisation more effective by introducing higher level concepts such as CI/CD, test coverage, source code control, code standards, code reviews and providing coaching and career development to junior team members, rather than being a 1 man show. But if you are looking for a head of development strategy then ask for that, not a 10X developer

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Fyodor Author

Yes, my idea was to make it funny and sarcastic, including corresponding visual artefacts. Though I get your point and I'm agree that all these terms are not very good and comfortable to have in profile these days (at least seriously) πŸ˜„