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Discussion on: Is there a manual task in your life that you have automated which now saves you time?

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Erick Ruiz de Chavez

All the lights are smart lights I am assuming right?

Correct. I have a bunch of ZigBee and some Z-Wave IoT devices I have purchased over the years, and my home automation platform of choice is Hubitat. It runs 100% local with option to cloud access and it beats EVERY single other platform I have tested in the past in terms of speed and reliability ⭐️.

I had to google all these tools XD Will give them a try too. Will probably get back here with a lot of questions post trying them.

And I'll be more than happy to answer them if I happen to know the answers 👍🏻.

But if you do had to pick one of these, or anything else that you have automated, what would you says saves you most time and energy?

If I had to pick just one, it would probably be Alfred with its Power Pack 🤓. I use it A LOT on a daily basis to open different programs (or switch to them), run custom workflows, and even works as a very powerful clipboard manager; I have also used Alfred in the past for text expansion and it is also pretty good at it.