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Text Messaging for Instructors

Category Submission: Remote Education Tools

What was built

A web based interface that allows teachers to communicate with students in real time via sms remotely.

The why

I figured teachers would want multiple ways to check in with students without having to give out personal information. In addition, teachers may need to provide additional support to students who may feel troubled during this period. So I built a tool that would allow teachers to communicate directly with students so that teachers can check in before/after class with students and avoid having to call out a student during a video lecture. I also figured that most students are always on their phone, so why not reach them where you know they'll be? ;)

Link to Code

How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

This is a full stack javascript application utilizing the express library on top of Node.js and a handlebars/React frontend. I exclusively used Docker to run this because I wanted to avoid installing postgres and redis locally. In addition, it give me a chance to hone my Docker skills =). It was a ton of fun building this, and I got a chance to use many of the functionalities offered by the Twilio Api such as making subaccounts, purchasing phone numbers, phone number validation, and of course sending AND receiving sms messages. The Twilio Api is truly amazing! I didn't run into many issues and when I did the Twilio console has a panel that lets you debug what happened to your messages.


Alt Text

Alt Text

Additional Resources/Info

You can find instructions on the repo on how to get started, and of course, there's much more to be done. But it works! Enjoy taking a look and I'd love to hear your feedback in the form of an issue! Thanks for stopping by!

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