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josias enoc saenz • Edited

Hey man, I know is a bit late
but have you tried HACKMD? not so cool interface but gets the job done
also WikiJS is a good project to keep an Eye on

I´m also looking for a collaborative Wiki/knowledge base with git WYSIWYG
gorgeous UI diagrams how to tutorials, and maybe if possible realtime (or maybe not) collab and comments

after 6 months searching no product satisfied me
so I ´m thinking of making one my self

A headless CMS with graph or Rest api could tremendously speed up the backend so you can focus on the front end

If you are still on the hunt, I strongly recomend you Strapi or Cockpit or Directus or ApostropheCMS
just make a frontend with api calls to the headless cms and you are good to go in a few days
fully customized

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Fabreath Author

Hello! Thanks for your answer and for your suggestions!
I have never tried HACKMD, I will for sure.
WikiJS is a very nice project, I'm following it on github ... I'll see

I agree with you, there are many alternatives on the web, but none are completely satisfactory. Now, at the company where I work, I'm still documenting with DokuWiki ... but it's a good alternative only for tech writers, despite the WYSIWYG module. I really like Slite and Notion, but I'm not convinced.

The idea of developing something from a headless CMS is good, but at the moment I would prefer to use something ready.