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I'm using Yarn these days, I have no issues with disk size cap as I got like 2TB SSD raids and it's so freaking fast and cool that it works just right for me, however if you or anybody is willing to try PNPM it seems the way to go at solving the node_modules size issues


I'm sure going to give it a try. Thanks!


By the way, there is a pnpm tag on dev, so you can follow it dev.to/t/pnpm


Apparently there's also @zkochan on dev.to
A welcome addition 👌😫


I tested on one of my projects and it looks a bit faster indeed, but I don't know if it just that it is in memory right now, so I will test for the upcoming days to see its performance for real.


Ooh, I hadn’t heard about PNPM and I’m excited to try it and get whole gigabytes back, hahaha

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