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re: Everyone is talking about open source, but what about all those software companies that paid GitHub to keep their repositories private? Now GitHub ...

Companies should use enterprise Github for that exact reason. They get a system from Github to set up internally, all code stays internal. Github doesn't see any of it. Smaller companies/startups may not have the cash for enterprise github vs private repos I guess, I'm not sure about the cost comparison, but from an security of IP standpoint, that's a move you have to make if you want to use Github and you're a company/startup of any size.


Why not use self-hosted Gitlab then ?

The self-hosted community system has all paid Gitlab features (except that you have to host it yourself), including CI/CD, Registry etc.

I agree that Gitlab, and even Bitbucket, offer more enterprise features/value than GitHub does. But in terms of the comment above about Microsoft owning/seeing the code from enterprises' private repositories, I was commenting that enterprise should all be on enterprise GitHub where GitHub - or Microsoft soon - have no visibility.

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