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Discussion on: 5 things I wish they told me before starting my 1st web development job

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Eugene van der Merwe

I skimped over this article, as the title related to me. I quickly scanned it and then I went to the dog video, and thought, what a load of crock (poor quality etc).

But then I intensely started reading the article again and it all started making sense. It spoke to me, and it's still speaking to me days later.

Actually, let's start off by saying well done! You have described exactly what I have experienced starting working full time as a web developer.

My situation is a lot different though, I did a career change. I was in networking for the first 7 years of my career, then I had a business for 16 years, and then I decided to go full time into coding. Laravel, specifically. Now I "run" a Laravel Training Academy, I have a hosting business with my brother, but my bread and butter is writing web based software for a few clients. Basically I have three startups but I'm not making money (yet).

But what a bloody mission! My main client, the most important one, always wants to rush everything! I thought, this is so abnormal! Programming should not be rushed. It's a creative art and science, and should be done with care and preparation, and planning. But no such luck in the real world. Everything has to be finished yesterday. And rushing a few key things made me saw my arse, so not good. Someone else has to clean up the mess.

Then, although I'm working from home now, I had a stint at a "quiet" shared office. I couldn't get anything done. Constant interruptions, although nobody wanted or liked the interruptions. There is very little way to be productive as a coder if you're being bothered all the time.

I'm okay with the techno speak, but then again you're spot on with the gaining of weight. What a bloody mess programmers live in, going from keyboard to take aways to keyboard. It's so unhealthy, so unsustainable.

You can do that shit in your 20s, but forget about it later in life. If you're a programmer, god forbid, you better learn to balance your life much better than other people do.

Anyway, just a big shout out and thanks, I really related to your article.