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Sharing my learning curve

When the facts change, I change my mind

It's mid 2018 when I decided to change my career. I was working in communications and noticed I was neither growing as a person nor in my profession. I had no clue where to go or what to do next. All I knew was that I wanted to acquire a skillset on which I could always fall back. Comparable to carpentry or construction work. And one that would involve a lot of creativity.

It took about 18 months ending with a coding bootcamp and applying to several companies but I landed my first job as a software engineer.

Why did I switch to a job as a front-end developer?

In short, I wanted to build the future. Having missed out on the first wave of the future in the early 00's, called web 2.0, I now noticed a new excitement around tech apps and new communities forming. This new excitement was basically the 2017 and 2018 crypto boom where early stage ideas and concepts got funded and some even built out successfully.

Embracing the suck

Landing my first job turned out to be all about learning. Not only was I overwhelmed by the company culture but also by a whole new way of working. I basically had to embrace the suck from day one.

Deploying, building, using a vcs, a custom design system and front-end component library, learning a new framework (Angular). I was a lot to learn and almost 18 months later, I would only now call myself a developer. I now know I was just toying with front end development before. However, Last January I started reflecting on my current job and possible next step in my career. And more importantly, what got me excited about front-end development in de first place.

Sharing my learning curve

Inspired by the recent Non-Fungible-Token (NFT, pronounced as nifty) boom and my desire to work on the latest tech I decided this is the time to start pushing for a job in the blockchain or crypto space. But why?

On the blockchain and in crypto new applications are built with decentralisation at their core. A paradigm shift from the centralised web we are currently used to using, and on which I am publishing this article.😉

With my current background working on a centralised website I have decided to start sharing my learning curve on building on top of the decentralised stack also called web3.

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