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Evan Bacon
Evan Bacon

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How to build the Iowa Caucus app


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Kevin Sullivan

I only say this because I care about you. This is not an uplifting post. It seems mean spirited. You're piling on top of what is already one of the worst experiences of some people's careers. It shows no empathy for the developers. You're better than this. I hope you can see that.

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Evan Bacon

Hey Kevin! Thank you for letting me know, and you are right. I definitely didn't mean to criticize the developers personally, it was in fact a very complex app that they had to build and I respect them a lot for it. Although their technical decisions may not have been the best, I'm sure that the developers that built the app are great people and I absolutely wish them no harm. Although the post wasn't meant to be mean spirited, I removed the contents out of respect for the developers.

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As long as the app runs on your machine it'll probably work everywhere.
A computer is a computer after all!

pff, nonsense, you just need to test in a Pentium II with Win95, that's where the clients are gonna be deployed anyway.

and also

"you are not a real developer, because _____"
-- another developer

replace both developers with whoever you want and add any reason in the line, it may be even how much sugar is added to the tea :).

PS: I've seen a lot of old WinXP machines with exposed USB ports in cash dispensers, maybe we should join the bad guys.

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Michael Lustig -

Awwh booo!! Can you unremove this?

People need to learn how to take a joke.

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