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Cascadia Code: a new font for Visual Studio Code and Terminal

kasuken profile image Emanuele Bartolesi ・2 min read

A few days ago, Microsoft released a new monospaced font.
It's perfect for Terminal and Visual Studio Code.
The font is open source and licensed under the SIL Open Font License on GitHub.
It means that is very easy to contribute for everyone.


You can use this new font everywhere.
For example I use it in Terminal, Visual Studio Code and since a few days, in Visual Studio 2019.
You can install the latest version from the official releases page on GitHub: https://github.com/microsoft/cascadia-code/releases

After the download, you can open the .ttf file and click on "Install".
If you have a previous version of the font, the new version overwrite the old one.
I recommend to uninstall the previous version before the new installation.

Setup Visual Studio Code

To setup Cascadia Code in Visual Studio Code, open the menu from File -> Preferences -> Text Editors -> Font and in the textbox write "Cascadia Code" before the other fonts.

You have to enable the checkbox to enabling the Font Ligatures (see the picture above).

Setup Terminal

From the down arrow on the top of the Terminal window, click on Settings and find your favorite profiles.
In the Font Face json property, write "Cascadia Code" and close Visual Studio.

Alt Text

If you want to know how to create and customize Terminal, check out my post.

Setup Visual Studio 2019

As I mentioned before, you can use Cascadia Code in Visual Studio as well.
From the menu Tools -> Options -> Fonts and Colors, select the font from the properly dropdown.
Font Ligatures in Visual Studio are enabled by default.

Alt Text


I used to setup all my IDE and editors with Fira Code, but now I switched everything to Cascadia Code.
If you want to contribute to the official repository, you can go here and fork the project.
If you are curious, you can read more on the offical release post.

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After trying this font on my vscode, I switched back to Fira code, but it's a personal choice.
Personally, I Think Cascadia is more "blocky" and visually made it more difficult to understand the code I'm writing. Do you had any problems like me?


Yeah, I'm finding it a bit "heavy", like everything is bold.


Yes. Iosvka (github.com/be5invis/Iosevka) is also a great alternate to Fire Code but not Cascadia.


same here , i found Fira Code more readable btw i use this font on both intellij IDEA and Codium


My one qualm is that Cascadia Code doesn't seem to support powerline characters, whereas Fira Code does.


There's a new version of Cascadia Code called Cascadia Code PL which has the powerline characters


Jetbrains just came out with "Jetbrains Mono" a week or two ago. It's a pretty cool font that I am changing to. I haven't used Cascadia but I'll check it out too. I love all things jetbrains so I am a little bias :)


My favorite screen fonts are all Microsoft ones.


A good Free alternative to Georgia is Caris SIL

A good Free alternative to Verdana is Google's Inconsolata


I tried it, switched back also. Initially looked good but then noticed the === had no gaps between each character. Might be just my setup, anyone else get this?


That's the font ligatures in action, I think


You can disable it by adding

"editor.fontLigatures": false

to settings.json file


for those who who is missing the powershell theme icon/font style, use Cascadia Code PL instead of Cascadia Code in setting...


I'm using the latest version of vscode (1.41.1) and there isn't a Font Ligatures checkbox. Instead there is the link "Edit in settings.json" but then what is the attribute name?


As mentioned by someone above:
"editor.fontLigatures": true
Also if you want Powerline characters, you need to download Cascadia Code PL


Wow! Nice font! Using now! Fira Code is freeze now.


From my point of view I never hesitate to test a new choice. Thank you


Thanks for sharing this. After installation the Cascadia code into VS Code, the whole editor panel is perfect now!