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You talk about backwards compatibility on Windows and yet your example was a deb file, you were too lazy to see if there was a newer version either in a repository or there might be the source to use. How about this as an example, You can still use a Star 24 daisy wheel printer on Linux but Windows abandoned it at XP, iirc. Certainly won't work on 7, 8 or 10.


how many people uses a Star 24 daisy wheel printer? I bet less than 1 billion


I know, that was an extreme example, but there are many other more recent hardware that stopped working.


It was the latest version of the deb file. It's available on GitHub. github.com/PowerShell/Powershell
I have no problems with building from source, but that's an extra step, right?


I just checked, it's in the repos - Why did you use try to install the deb when it's in the repositories?

It's not available for 20.04. So I tried using the 18.04 version deb. Isn't that something one normally does?

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