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Programmer or coder?

Yes! It happens to many of us in understanding 'Am I a programmer or a coder?'
So to clear this I came up with this post.

In simple

Take for example you have to talk to someone who speaks German, but you only speak English. So you will use google translator here, now when you speak 'Hi' google translator will convert that 'Hi' into something it can understand, then it will convert it into German and done!
Google translator does not work like that it's only an example!

Now in real way

Place the example above into a computer life then it will be like this:
Take this, You made a program using python, for you it's understandable, but for your computer not! But since it's a programming language it have a compiler which converts your python code into assembly language.

If you remember that computers understand binary then here's how it works! The process then converts the assembly code into binary codes. And now your code is understandable by computers!

What's the difference?

There are many difference between programmer and coder, here are some of them:


  1. Coding is all about writing code that a machine can understand.
  2. Coding follows the trial-and-error method.
  3. Coding helps to work with simple projects.


  1. Programming is a process which humans can understand better.
  2. Programming needs detailed information and detailed approach.
  3. Programming helps to work with big projects.

What do you what to be programmer or a coder?
If you think I skipped something then do tell below.

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