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Discussion on: CSS is not difficult

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Facundo Corradini

It is difficult for some people, 'cause it requires a completely different mindset than imperative programming languages. I'd even go further and say that it requires a different mind, as (HTML + ) CSS relies primarily in linguistic intelligence, while design relies on visual-spatial and programming on logical intelligence.

So it's no wonder that both designers as programmers of imperative languages can find it so out of their comfort zone. Yet the role of a dedicated CSS specialist is usually undervalued, with some companies forcing CSS on their programmers, while other trying to lure them in with a "our designers build the CSS" headline. Both approaches lead to struggle.

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Juan David Hermoso Author

I actually agree with you.
This post not actually a blame. And I feel sorry if it sounds like it is.
Is more to encourage people to learn CSS.
I'd say I don't really know CSS, indeed.
Said that you are absolutely right.