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Now that's a great reading!

The variables syntax is extremely weird though... But I got the feeling it's actually a nod to BEM, as CSS variables (unlike pre-procesor variables) really excel at making modifiers. That's actually my favourite feature of CSS vars.

Check this pen out :) codepen.io/facundocorradini/pen/Rx...

There I demonstrate how redefining a variable on a simple class selector (modifier) can influence a dozen properties distributed throughout several selectors. It's literally a single line for what would otherwise take 10, so it's a full order of magnitude drier! :D Any input will be appreciated ;)

Now going back to the OP, there are some things I think needs clarifying:

  • "There's no scope" might be an overstatement. There is no code block scope as SASS would, but DOM inheritance scope instead. Which actually, is great. Generally CSS vars are declared at the :root element (/ the html tag) to make them global, but nothing stops you from declaring them anywhere in the DOM tree.

  • For media queries... remember you can't set up the break points a variables. It might sound silly for some, but I know many has those as SASS variables for whatever reason. CSS vars won't let you do that (I tried, I failed :p), so one more reason to keep our good ol' pre-processors as well.

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