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Devs & Meetup Highlights at AWS Summit Madrid!

faermanj profile image Julio Faerman ・3 min read

Hello friends! I'd like to invite all builders, developers, sysadmins and all y'all geeks to get together in the AWS Summit Madrid on May 7th. Let me share the highlights we have prepared for you:

Track "Next-Gen Development"

We invited five specialists for technical deep dives, spoken in english, into hot topics in modern software engineering:

Minimizing the Blast Radius of Failures by Adrian Hornsby
Simplify your frontend development with AWS Amplify & GraphQL by Sebastien Stormacq
Analysing Streaming Data by Frank Munz
Modern Application Development in the Cloud by Danilo Poccia
Breaking the Monolith using Container Services by Pradyumna Dash

I also would like to highlight the two guest evangelists who will be delivering their talks in Spanish:
Ya es la Era de Los Jetsons! Programa tu robot con AWS RoboMaker by Alejandra Novack
Bases de datos relacionales escalables con Amazon Aurora by Javier Ramirez

Deep Racer League

Put your code to speed in the Deep Racer League, the world's first global autonomous racing league, open to anyone! You can get started by tuning pre-defined models, training your own with a simple python API or even building from scratch. We'll be running a workshop throughout the day with the whole pit crew in the boxes to help you. The fastest lap wins the glory and a trip to Las Vegas to race in the finals during AWS re:Invent.

Communities Get Together

The Summit is a great opportunity to meet friends from all around Spain, Portugal and worldwide. We are already thousands of users sharing experiences in many cities and online:

AWS en Español (LinkedIn)

Las Palmas de Gran Canarias
Palma de Mallorca


Also, we are welcoming all other user groups and technology meetups. Special thanks to PyLadies Madrid, R-Ladies Madrid and WiMLDS Madrid for joining us. We'll all be communicating in the cloud-espanol slack group, join us at

Pre-summit Workshop

The AWS User Group Madrid will be hosting a getting started workshop on Monday morning, to help everyone make the best of the event on the following day. Everyone is welcome and we'll go through an introduction to Amazon Web Services, from the core value proposition to using the services and building applications. We'll cover a getting started introduction and quick briefings on modern application development, well-architected systems, data analytics and machine learning. All of those themes will be explored deeper the next day, this is an opportunity for everyone to be prepared and make the most of the Summit.

User Groups Leadership Lunch

Right after the workshop, at Only You Hotel Atocha, we'll get the user group leaders together to discuss current goals, issues and share experiences. If you would like to start a new user group or help an existing one this is your opportunity to meet the leaders from User Groups across Spain and Portugal. Please reserve your seat with me in the slack channel or twitter if you'd like to join the lunch table.

Make sure you register for the event and join the slack channel today, see you soon!

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