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Discussion on: Laravel Or Ruby on Rails 2021?

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Farhad Uneci Author

I want to focus on the framework but I have experiences with Laravel, I needed to focus on PHP too, for an optimized output, I like to get a job and I want to build web sites with features not only a basic functionality... So, would you think it worth it to learn ruby from the base and then I switch to Ruby on Rails?

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Thorsten Hirsch • Edited

Since you're a junior I'd recommend not to learn another full stack framework. Laravel and Rails can both be used to build the backend and the frontend of websites, yes, but that's not how modern web apps are built. Modern frontends are separate projects and more sophisticated than what Laravel and Rails can do for the frontend.

Since you already know Laravel I'd recommend to learn something different. So if you really want to focus on the backend the best technology stack to get a job is Java. Learn Spring Boot. And then learn some more Java technologies that you find interesting. The Java universe is huge! Quarkus might be a good choice after Spring Boot.

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Farhad Uneci Author • Edited

Thank you 👍 for your recommendation but we had java courses in university, I don't find it interesting for me 😢