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I think G Suite is a necessary evil (don’t be evil irony pun intended). I also agree with others here: The effort required for a “real migration” is off putting.

What I love the most from Hey so far is that I spend near zero time deleting emails I don’t care about (I’m an inbox zero person). There’s a few seconds/minutes every day spent sorting through my gmail inbox, which is small but meaningful if accounted for over a year. Hey transformed that into a Feed that I can scroll through whenever I want without worrying about all the “clicks“ I’m giving away via spy trackers. I don’t see Google implementing any strong privacy feature like this in the future.

I’m also on the fence, but leaning more towards paying and sticking with it. Email is an established industry and a new player won’t just walk through the door with the perfect replacement for everyone. The important missing features should come eventually if that’s what people want/need (giving Basecamp the benefit of the doubt that they will listen to feedback)

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