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Discussion on: Tying Let's Encrypt and Docker Swarm together

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Fernando Author

First time I've seen this image. Quite intersting, going on my bookmarks... You never know lol thanks for that ;)‬

‪Of course, it's a little too bold to claim there are wrong answers here, I believe more in being different approaches instead. People will end up feeling more comfortable with some better than others. As long as you're being productive I guess it's a success on my book.‬

‪I know VPS are cheap (I claimed them being cheap in the article) but it's also good to save on them exactly because they are cheap ($10/month will save you $120/year). We can easily end up with a similar "CPUs are more performant than 10y ago, therefore we can use/make less performant code and end up with the same result" dilemma‬

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Paul Le Corre

If you're going to manage your own cluster I agree 100% Swarm is a good choice :)