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Discussion on: Tying Let's Encrypt and Docker Swarm together

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Fernando Author • Edited

Hi, thanks for the comment and I still agree with both of you (specially on the “getting to know the technology” for sure)

Yes, the reverse proxy config is probably the easiest to get wrong with this setup (how proficient you are with NGINX conf files will make a big difference). I can say running into gateway errors because of the reverse proxy at some point along the way is almost guaranteed. After a while it doesn’t hurt as much as the first few deploys.

I had read a little about traefik, it was a while ago though. I believe this was sometime around their 1.0-1.2 release, I don’t think swarm mode was even released yet. Maybe they’ve changed the setup since back then, maybe the docs are better now... I mostly went with what I was most comfortable and had better resources online.

Thanks for bringing this up because even then I had heard plenty of people happy with it, I can definitely see myself giving it another chance sometime soon :)