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Discussion on: Areas where Python is not recommended

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Definitely true for app and game development, not entirely true for systems and embedded programming. Python is not the best tool for the job in these context, obviously - a bytecode executable is always going to outperform Python.

But: Embedded has many aspects. Microcontrollers are becoming more powerful every day, and Python enables easy interfacing with the system without the labour overhead of a language like C. Similarly, in systems development, using Python to interface with standard functionality is actually fairly common - think of a lot of low-level sh scripts. Many of these are easily replaced by a more powerful Python script. Networking code in particular is also a common application for Python in spite of performance drawbacks.

It depends a lot on concrete use cases and the goals. Ultimately, much of this post boils down to "Python is slower than C" - which, while true, drops a lot of the other goals one might want to achieve in these contexts.

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Yadunandan Bhat Author

Thank you so much for the insight! I didn't know these things!

Yes I centered the whole post around "Python is slower than many languages out there"! 😅

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Jordan Engstrom

You can make a binary executable with pyinstaller if you want python bytecode.

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