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Discussion on: Svelte. What is your opinion about the lightweight JS framework?

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Félix Paradis

I think there are 2 options:
1- Svelte "wins" because the compiler approach makes way more sense
2- React and/or Vue and or something else "wins" because they adopt the compiler approach. (Or something even better we haven't seen yet... don't ask me what that could be.)

I come from an Angular.js background and started using Svelte rather than React for my personal projects because, not only does the philosophy make more sense to me, but it was much easier to learn. React kinda feels like it's not embracing the platform enough to me, to be fair, I have not given it a proper try.

Another thing I want to touch on is Vanilla JS. I built a website with Routify (a Svelte router) and a few months later, wanted to update that site. Quickly I found out that a bunch of breaking changes have happened and a bunch of basic stuff like plugging a CMS into the framework is not documented. I really felt the meaning of "bleeding edge" that day.
You know what never gets breaking changes and has a ton of documentation? Vanilla JS. I think many new devs jump right into React/Vue/whatever and don't learn to think in plain HTML/CSS/JS, but you can do a ton of cool stuff without a ton of dependencies.

This is becoming a blog post... But, ehm, yeah. TL;DR Svelte is pretty cool

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Dennis Frijlink Author

First of all thanks for your answer. It's nice to hear that Svelte is worth a try.

Second I strongly agree with your last part of the comment/post. For new developers I strongly disagree to start with a framework or library. Frameworks are useful for production, but learning JS with starting with a framework will limit a developer by learning new things in the future and how it really works behind the scenes.

Thanks again for you answer

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