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Discussion on: Autism: Dear my future colleagues

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Great to learn about your personality Amy. I didn't know how autism works till now, but i believe there are more severe cases than yours. Some autistic people can't talk well, or they're too shy, in their own world so to speak. I don't have anyone to refer to in real life (thank God this is not a frequent disorder). Im watching Brad Traversy, and he sometimes mentions his kid who is autistic.

Did you pronounce a word differently to how I would, did your voice crack halfway through, did you sneeze at the exact pitch of the opening note of a song I have stuck in my head

This is a double edged sword. While it may leave you overthinking simple things - i bet it helps you notice important things that other people miss.

Overall i get the feeling that you have good control over your life and you are taking care of yourself. I am very happy if that is the case.

Questions for you so i learn a bit more about this:

  1. When you go out with friends, can you handle the stimulus you get from the environment?

  2. Do you have any troubles if you are in a loud club for example?

  3. Do you have social anxiety - could you handle being in a crowded place?

  4. Can you drive a car? Because you say you are very sensitive to details and they might constantly drive your attention away from the road.

I really appreciate your post, very insightful! Thanks!

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