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It's one thing to have your identifying information in the metadata for a project (i.e., within whatever revision-control system was used to manage the project's resulting output) or within something that's supposed to have such information (e.g., a package-manager like RPM's changelog). It's another thing, altogether to injecting it into a finished/delivered product. This is particularly so for a "product" that doesn't contain such information as part of its specification or traditional content. In general, finished product should be "clean" ...and putting your initials (or whatever) into the HTML kind of feels like you've graffitoed something that belongs to someone else.

That said, coding can be very idiosyncratic. As such, it may often be easily identifiable as having been done by a given individual. So, your "signature" is often already (effectively) there. It's just not unignorably obvious. ;)


That's a very nice way of putting it. It's true that having your input on something, technically you're leaving a part of you and your coding in it. Otherwise I'm all for it that giving a finished product with your unnecessary initials/names/data in it could be counted as vandalising parts of the given project.
Thank you for your interesting idea, I hadn't really thought about it that way.

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