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Discussion on: working remotely

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Thomas H Jones II

Yeah... As a consultant that works for several customers, I run into "tool sprawl" issue. It's even worse given that a couple of my customers have their "inside the corporate firewall" and "outside the corporate firewall" tools (including chat tools). Also, because (particularly the "inside the firewall") chat tools each suck in their own way, you have different groups using different tools and whining "why aren't you in our shared chat room???" Apparently "keeping three, memory-leaking chat tools open open at all times quickly renders my desktop a quivering mass of memory-thrashing" isn't an acceptable answer. So, some of my on-site days, I'll have Jabber, RocketChat, Matterhorn and (soon) Lync all open just for local chat (while having Slack open in a browser so I'm not cut off from my actual employer's chat).

Good times.