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Discussion on: How to be effective when Working from Home (WFH)

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Thomas H Jones II

Always found "work from office" days to be far more difficult to be productive than "work from home" days.

If I go into the office, it's generally because I have a specific task that I need to do. That may be a quick task or a full-day task. Invariably – and regardless of how much time I'd budgeted to the target-task – I find that the amount of time I have to spend on other than my target-task(s) is several times greater than for the target-task. When "in the office", it seems like it's open season on drive-by requests.

Contrast to working from home, I can hop out of bed, roll down to my laptop, login and just start cranking. The only interruptions generally being what comes in via email or Slack. As async communication-tools, those interruptions are selectable with respect to when and how you allow them. For me, accepting interruptions from async communication-tools typically happens while I wait for our CI tools to run their tests on code I've pushed.

As to being as regimented as what you're suggesting? I find that to be the antithesis of being productive. Most tasks have "natural"/logical break-points. If those boundaries don't align to what you've suggested above, you subvert your own productivity trying to make them align.