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Discussion on: Where is the limit of your ethics? Where would you draw the line?

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Salli Figler

I have a few situations in my career when I was asked to either do or go along with something that felt was unethical.

One was having a boss who was getting "gifts" or such from a vendor which in turn kept them our vendor - even though we all knew there were better vendors out there. This made me look for a new job and when I found once, I quit the job. The boss didn't seem to care - I guess he knew I wasn't going to play along.
A more recent situation made me extremely uncomfortable. I was told something in confidence by an employee and a high level executive asked me who the employee was. When I told him I would not reveal the name, another executive told me to tell him. I felt I had no choice but to tell the name. I immediately went to the employee and told them I had given their name. They were understanding but I am still disheartened to think that certain Executives feel they can break confidentiality rules. I no longer work there either but I did not leave because of this incident.