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How to Open Outlook PST File in Thunderbird Directly

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Are you using Outlook or having a PST file and want to convert its data into Thunderbird? Then this blog is the exact platform to open PST file in Thunderbird directly. The PCVARE Outlook Converteris a trustworthy solution to completely export Outlook files to Thunderbird. It is a competent solution to solve all problems regarding Outlook to Thunderbird migration. It is created after observing users’ necessities to open PST files to Thunderbird. It is capable of utility to directly open Outlook data into Thunderbird without losing any details. It supports a very simple user interface so anyone can perfectly handle it without any issue.

Why Users go with Thunderbird from Outlook & How to Do it?

It is a fact that Outlook is a good mail client and Thunderbird is also a smart utility. Users may have multiple types of requirements to open Outlook PST file in Thunderbird such as – business requirements, personal need, changing job, using individual mail clients in home & offices. Users may have different reasons but the main concern is how to open Outlook PST File in Thunderbird. Outlook support PST file to store all data while Thunderbird supports MBOX file format to store data in mailboxes, both file format is absolutely different from each other so their direct migration is not possible. At this time, the Outlook Converter helps them to solve this task and get Outlook messages into Thunderbird.

Features of Outlook to Thunderbird Converter

• It is capable to convert multiple PST files to Thunderbird directly.
• It enables to automatically convert Outlook (configured) data into Thunderbird (configured).
• If you don’t have Thunderbird installed in your system then it can also convert Outlook PST files into MBOX for Thunderbird and you can import them in Thunderbird at any time.
• It maintains all mails properties – images, metadata, formatting, hyperlinks, etc.
• It saves attachments of Outlook emails during migration to Thunderbird.

It also provides a free demo edition that enables you to open 25 emails from Outlook data file to Thunderbird for free of cost. So users can also check out its working efficiency without any cost.
Read more >> https://www.pcvare.com/outlook-file-converter/mbox.html


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