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I have one question with Firefox Developer Tools.

If page has iframe, I can jump to it with button in top menu of dev tools. This works.

But when I refresh page, dev tools will go back to parent page. Can I make that they will permanently stay in iframe?


I don't think you can, sorry.

What I usually do in these cases is right-click the frame content and select "This Frame -> Open Frame in New Tab". That ensures I have the parent frame as referrer, and I can interact with it in cases where iframes only work if referred by the main domain, like CodePen.


Unfortunately, I can't do this.

Can I submit a suggestion for this to Firefox Developers? Where?

Yes please! The team lives in Bugzilla, so file a bug there and label it as an enhancement.

Thank you. I've voted for it now, hopefully some more people will and it will be picked up for development!

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