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Summer Plans of a Freshman CS student

Hey everyone!

As summer months have started, and I have had a sufficient break after university, I was planning on how to spend my summer efficiently since I will be applying for internships in Summer 2022.

My freshman year as a Computer Engineering student has ended and by the end of the summer, I will start my applications, so most of the tasks I will try to accomplish by the end of summer will be geared towards that.

1. Learn Python

I have been learning Python inefficiently for a long time and think that this free time during the summer could be used efficiently to learn the fundamentals of Python properly. To do this, I am still searching for good resources but as of now I am planning to follow the interactive textbook of How to Think Like a Computer Scientist. Comment down below if you have any other good resources to learn Python well!

2. Build Side Projects

While I have doing small "tutorial" projects like Madlibs or Rock,Paper,Scissors as an exercise, I actually want to do two proper side projects and finish it by the end of the summer. I do not need them to be technically complex, but rather, quality side projects that people would actually use. If you have any ideas of nice side projects that let me learn well, I am open to suggestions!

3. Finish Cracking the Coding Interview Book

Since I have not taken a Data Structures and Algorithms class in university yet, I am a bit behind on the content of programming interviews so I need to read up on the fundamental data structures and algorithms. I have already started reading Cracking the Coding Interview Book and it is very useful. Hopefully, by the end of the summer I have mastered enough of the topics on the book.

4. Grind some Leetcode questions

This goes along with plan number 3. While the book is great for learning and also doing the exercises help, I need more practice with questions that will be similar to the interviews I will potentially do. I have compared several practice websites, and I also do not want to keep searching and comparing which website is the best to use, so I will do the questions in Leetcode even though I am struggling with easy questions right now.

5. Attend hackathons

I love hackathons, the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of hackathons excite me. And I am most innovative when working with other people, so I will attend virtual hackathons over the summer and hopefully make nice projects (maybe even win some, but that is definitely not the point).

Well, these are my plans for this summer. Hopefully that was a fun and insightful read.

What are your plans for this summer? If you are working/have an internship, how is it going?

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