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Delight your GraphQL team with beautiful GraphQL IDE

Firecamp is now onboarding only 100 teams in Feb 2020, who are building great products with GraphQL.We would love to help them to be more managed and productive as a Team while working and sharing the GraphQL queries.

Yes, you got it right, it's the fastest collaborative GraphQL playground where you can

  • Play with GraphQL queries
  • Save them in your account
  • and let them reflect with all team members in realtime.

Firecamp is giving early access to only 100 teams, It's free for 6 months for early adopters.
Apply Here and speed up your GraphQL query debugging.
Useful links,

  1. Apply for Team Access
  2. Download Firecamp
  3. Firecamp GraphQL
  4. Join Discord
  5. Issue and Feature request Github

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