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Episode 93 Michiel Mulders Developer Advocate at Swirlds Labs

Michiel Mulders is a wonderful example of a creative developer, driven to share knowledge and committed to quality documentation. He delivers a module on documentation and technical writing at DevRel University, free online course dedicated to Web3 DevRel. In this episode, Richard and Michiel have a thorough exploration of documentation philosophies, approaches, tools and analytics for content engagement. Listen up here, understand the real benefits of paying attention to your documentation creation and its use. Lots of food for thought here, but also practical steps and proven tools described to help get you started on your overdue Documentation Improvement Project! Reach out to Michiel here : and find out about DevRel Uni here: Find out more and listen to previous podcasts here: Subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates and information about upcoming meetups: Join the Dublin DevRel Meetup group here:

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