It's Important To Test Your Code

Milecia McG on February 07, 2019

Sometimes we as developers miss the most obvious errors. Sometimes we know about them and say "we'll come back to it". Then it's time to deploy the... [Read Full]
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Could not agree more.

If you do not test it, it will not work.


If you do not test it, it will not work.


Check TeX, the best typesetting / publishing system, released by Donald Knuth in 1978 and still widely used.

Instead of tons of tests covering everything, the developer might simply think before and during producing the code. It works.


Ofcourse it works. Begining the habit to write tests will teach this skill "think carefully what can go wrong". No one born with this skill even Donald Knuth.


Sir Donald offers bug bounty as a power of 2 for each next bug.

It is absolutely bug free and is often used as a typical reference for the best software ever written.


I just started to learn testing in Lambda recently and even doe is a bit frustrating because it's a new mindset it's worth it because in the long run even doe it takes a bit of time to setup testing it will save more time debugging code.


I've been a professional developer for almost 25 years, and have never used anything other than manual testing on any project - be they small or large


One other huge benefit for tests, and perhaps the biggest for me, is that it catches regressions before new changes are deployed.

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